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Россия – священная наша держава,
Russia – our sacred homeland,
Россия – любимая наша страна.
Russia – our beloved country.
Могучая воля, великая слава –
A mighty will, a great glory –
Твоё достоянье на все времена!
These are your heritage for all time!

Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
Be glorious, our free Fatherland,
Братских народов союз вековой,
Age-old union of fraternal peoples,
Предками данная мудрость народная!
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Славься, страна! Мы гордимся тобой!
Be glorious, our country! We are proud of you!

От южных морей до полярного края
From the southern seas to the polar lands
Раскинулись наши леса и поля.
Spread are our forests and fields.
Одна ты на свете! Одна ты такая –
You are unique in the world, one of a kind –
Хранимая Богом родная земля!
This native land protected by God!

Широкий простор для мечты и для жизни
Wide spaces for dreams and for living
Грядущие нам открывают года.
Are opened for us by the coming years
Нам силу даёт наша верность Отчизне.
Our loyalty to the Fatherland gives us strength.
Так было, так есть и так будет всегда!
Thus it was, thus it is and thus it always will be!

Though Ivan is a formidable foe in combat, he detests fighting in wars. The only thing that comes out of the senseless fighting is death of hundreds upon thousands of his people. Over the many wars he's been in, Ivan has grown very protective of the men who join the army, both young and old, because he knows they are risking their lives to defend his lands. So he will do his best to bring them home, alive and in relatively one piece.

This is often the reason he is so frightening on the battlefield for his foes, because Ivan is taking revenge for his fallen comrades on his enemies. Do not anger the mother bear, for she will chase you down till the ends of the earth to make sure you pay for how you've harmed her son...

Though Ivan might appear scary and frightening because of his big stature and questionable reputation, he really is more of a man-child than anything else. He's perfectly capable of being mature, but that's only when he wants to be. Most of the time he will often be curious, playful, mischievous, innocent, jealous-prone, overly cheery...all things you would expect from a young boy, you'll likely find in his behavior most of the time. Perhaps the reason he acts like this is because he doesn't like being serious? No one knows for sure, but it certainly can be grating for those who aren't expecting it, or used to him acting like this.

Of course, there are those who find his childish nature to be endearing, especially with that adorable face of his. Who knows, perhaps he uses his cuteness to his advantage sometimes?

Ivan is quite a hoot when he manages to get himself drunk (it usually takes ten bottles for him to start feeling the effects-), though for people who are with him he's more of a pain. Essentially, take his already child-like behavior, and multiply it by ten, and that is who he becomes when he is drunk. Only more whiny. Mr. Braginsky is more likely to complain about his woes in life to any who are unfortunate enough to be nearby, indicating how he knows no one likes him and how he has no real friends, but oh how he wishes he could make one...all of his emotions he usually tries to keep hidden away also make an appearance, whether it be happiness, sorrow, and on rare occasions anger.

Mostly he just becomes a giddy version of himself who rambles and complains more, though.

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In every possible way~
APH: Pro RusLiet | ver.III by xioccolate
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Not A RoChu Fan by Caelisqua
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Ivan Braginsky

"Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."
-Winston Churchill

Ivan is a curious fellow when you first come across him, an intimidating, yet somehow child-like large man who seems to be all smiles and cheer when greeting a stranger. There is much more to him under that friendly exterior though, many secrets he hides from everyone around him, especially people he is not familiar with. After all, would any normal person willingly talk to an ancient being that has been alive for nearly one thousand years?

Ivan Alexeevich Braginsky is the representation of the country of Russia, through all its different ages with the rise and fall of numerous empires. No one is quite sure exactly where he came from, or what his role and purpose in this world is, but one thing is for certain, there are numerous other 'nation-tans' just like him all across the globe. And yet Ivan is incredibly isolated, despite having other nations that live long lives along side him. Mr. Braginsky is perhaps the most notorious and most feared nation amongst his peers, his cruel reputation and violent history making him an undesirable friend for nearly all other countries. And yet...a friend is all that Ivan really wants.

Though he is childishly cruel and sometimes a little sadistic, Ivan has grown to hate isolation and being by himself, because when he is in his own company his thoughts become dark and malicious. His bloodied past haunts him if he doesn't have someone around, this is why he will often attend meetings without warning or go out to social gatherings, if only to watch from afar and listen to the voices of those around him. Sometimes he's even known to burst into the homes of friends, and invite himself in for dinner (the Baltics are especially prone to having this happen-). He doesn't ever explain why he's there, he just laughs it off and says he was bored, even though it's clear he's lying...

Ivan does have a tendency to hide many things about himself on every occasion, making him one of the more enigmatic nations and only adding to his intimidation factor. No one can ever truly tell what he's thinking, and no one ever really wants to ask. For all anyone could know, the secretive Russian could be plotting your demise...or wondering what sort of cake he should get for a friend. Once a person earns his trust and liking, Ivan quickly changes into a complete other person and becomes very touchy-feely, its his way of showing he thinks of you as a good friend if he's very close to you...sometimes even invading your personal space without knowing.

Ivan might come off as weird, cruel, and scary to many, but he really does mean well. His need and want for a 'family' to keep in his giant mansion was really him wanting to take good care of his friends, who he thought he could protect since he was big and strong now. The reason why he carries around a pipe with him wherever he goes is a reassurance prop more for him, making him feel safe when there is no sunflower around. All the unfortunate events that happened towards those he considered close to him were caused by the government itself, not by Ivan's choice and will (well...most of the time). There are a few nations who he dislikes that he will be rough with, such as Gilbert or Ludwig for all the trouble they've caused him, but other than those nations he doesn't have any ill-will towards anyone.

Yet, everyone is terrified of him, and no one wants to approach the scary Russian holding his metal pipe...So Ivan's adapted to the situation. If you can't have friends, might as well have fun with the fear you put on others~?

Name: Ivan Alexeevich (self-given) Braginsky
Age: 1,153
Physical Age: 26
Gender: Male
Weight: 212 lbs
Height: 6' 3", or 190.5 cm
Birthday: December 30th
Sexuality: Demisexual / Aesexual

Likes: Sunflowers, close friends and family, animals, ballet, playing the balalaika, teasing others, vodka, the wilderness, baking with his sisters, learning about new technology, the sunrise
Dislikes: General Winter, traitors, the silence, his bosses, greasy foods, being called a monster, romance (feels awkward-)...


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